Jelly beans + Nutella = LIFE

My mind is constantly pouring enormous amounts of SHIT! And tumblr helps me get rid of it :)


my brother had a dream he spent 20 dollars on a hotdog and he woke up screaming

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I love this…so I can be a Unicorn, because we’ve never really met one…

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Anonymous asked: What dimension would you consider you are currently in?



I don’t know, and it’s not important for individual level. However Earth’s transforming has been started since 1960/70 very slowly, from 3th to 4th dimensional. Earth, it’s now around 3.5, and the transformation is surely happening slowly. And 2012 was a critical point for that. World’s were saying the it’s end of the world, just because Maya’s calendar suddenly ended but 2012 does NOT mean the end. It’s simply the beginning year of new era for Maya civilizations. It is simply end of 1 cycle (5125 years) and since 2012/12/21, new Era of cycle began. 2012 was important year for Earth’s transformation in energy level. Positive energy had exceed the whole negative energy a little bit on Earth, for the FIRST time including ancient times. Until that happened, Earth was always in more negative vibration/energy than positivity. And FINALLY positivity exceed negativity a little bit for the first time. Earth’s vibration is getting more higher, since more people are awaken to themselves, more people are living in positive life, and giving off positive energy. It’s getting stronger every year. However, everyone is experiencing own parallel reality. There are many people who is already in 4th dimension for individual, these people’s energy are helping Earth’s transformation to 4th dimension faster. The more people will be awaken to love, themselves, the more Earth’s transformation will be faster. But it’s a different story for negative people with lower vibration, they will stay in their negative parallel Earth (reality). We simply shift to a reality of Earth with similar vibration we are giving off. If you are giving off negative energy, you will simply shift to a parallel reality with your energy level, the more you raise that negative vibration, the more you will experience pain and you will suffer a lot more. As I said Earth’s transformation is getting faster every year, for negative and positive. You will shift to a parallel reality that matches your energy. If you are positive and happy person, you will simply experience more happiness and love. If you are a negative person, you will experience more pain and suffer more. Change is getting faster to happen each year. This is why people feel time is being passed so fast for these years, change is more faster to happen every year because of the transformation. That’s WHY it is important for us to be awaken now. We think we have enough time, but we actually don’t. Till 2040, this transformation may have been stopped and fixed. We will not be able perfectly experience which doesn’t match our energy anymore, even it is happening now as you can meet and interact with people with totally vibration from yours, it will not happen anymore in the future. This is why I started this blog, to spread more positivity and love in order to help people. Helping other people be positive means helping Earth’s transformation. Some parallel Earths with negative vibration are coming to an end. We still have time, it’s UP to you, which parallel earth you are going to experience. “Change your mind. You will change your world.” It’s the word from Gandhi, it is as it say. Changing your mind, emotion, thoughts is change of energy, and your world change because you can’t but getting a reality of your vibration. This is energy physic, nothing more than that.

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